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proactive vs. reactive video monitoring solutions-min (1)

Sep 8 2023

Proactive vs. Reactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Understanding the differences between proactive vs. reactive video monitoring solutions is essential when protecting your ...
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proactive vs. reactive video monitoring solutions-min (1)

Sep 8 2023

Proactive vs. Reactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Understanding the differences between proactive vs. reactive video monitoring solutions is essential when protecting your property and assets. These two approaches serve distinct purposes and ...
what is remote guarding

Sep 6 2023

What Is Remote Guarding and How Does It Work?

What is Remote Guarding? Remote guarding uses a combination of security cameras, advanced analytics, and the internet remotely to oversee and manage job site security. ...
How CCTV Catches Southern California’s Catalytic Converter Thieves

Oct 4 2022

How CCTV Catches Southern California’s Catalytic Converter Thieves

Catalytic converter theft has been rampant across the country for the past several years, with many states introducing legislation to crack down on the crime. ...
Video Surveillance to Prevent Los Angeles Workplace Violence

Sep 23 2022

Video Surveillance to Prevent Los Angeles Workplace Violence

Security cameras are widely regarded as an effective measure of defense against burglary, as well as tool for protecting workers and patrons. But what about ...
CCTV Can Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Claims in California

Sep 14 2022

CCTV Can Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Claims in California

Slip and fall claims have impacted countless businesses throughout the decades, and they continue to show up in the post-pandemic era. These liability suits can ...
Video Surveillance for K-12 Schools in California

Sep 9 2022

Video Surveillance for K-12 Schools in California

In preparation for the 2022-23 school year, many schools and districts are making final updates to protocols involving security, including video surveillance. For K-12 schools ...

Aug 19 2022

Video Surveillance for Vehicle Crash Evidence

Los Angeles has already seen two high-profile, deadly vehicle crashes in August. The first involved a vehicle crashing into five other cars in a busy ...
Video Surveillance and Other Security Systems for Contractors

Aug 9 2022

Video Surveillance and Other Security Systems for Contractors

Contractors are just as susceptible to theft as any other type of business; in fact, many contracting businesses are at a very high risk of ...
CCTV to Crack Down on Summer Crime

Aug 2 2022

CCTV to Crack Down on Summer Crime

Incidents of robbery and vandalism tend to spike in the summer every year — but in summer 2022, that spike is causing a major company ...

Jul 19 2022

CCTV Video Surveillance to Prevent Arson this Summer

The California fire season arrived early this year, with more than 13,000 acres burned to date in 2022 (source: Cal Fire), despite the traditional fire season ...

Jun 13 2022

Home Security for Father’s Day

This year’s Father’s Day may look a little different than in years past, given that more dads are now working from home, many have dealt ...

Jun 9 2022

Virtual Guard Monitoring vs. Portable Surveillance Units

Portable surveillance units, also known as mobile video surveillance trailers, are solar-powered devices that deliver a live video feed of a monitored area to a ...
Retail Security

May 31 2022

Remote Video Monitoring for Summer Retail Security

Because of a rise in specific types of burglaries, law enforcement is bracing for the possibility of a crime-ridden summer. In May, the Los Angeles ...
Remote guard video monitoring

May 31 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring as a Deterrent

With crime sprees sweeping the nation and hate crimes on the rise, establishments of all types need more tools at their disposal to prevent  their ...

May 5 2022

Video Guard Monitoring for Cannabis Businesses Part 2

ValleyGuard, our virtual guard monitoring service, is an outstanding alternative to traditional video surveillance for licensed cannabis businesses in Southern California. If you're a legal ...

May 3 2022

Virtual Guard Monitoring for Office Complexes

Despite having no connection to retail business, criminal activity near office complexes is becoming more common in California. One recent example is the tragic shooting ...

Mar 28 2022

Remote Video Monitoring for the Equipment Rental Industry

Theft prevention is a must for all retail industries, but a deep need for better business security tools exists in the rental industry as well. ...

Mar 17 2022

Virtual Guard Monitoring for Cannabis Businesses Part 1

Remote guard video monitoring, also known as virtual guard monitoring, is quickly growing as a more dynamic alternative to traditional video surveillance. This makes it a ...

Mar 10 2022

Virtual Guard Monitoring FAQs

Virtual guard monitoring is one of the fastest-growing security solutions available to commercial and government properties. Business owners, building administrators, and security managers are quickly ...

Feb 25 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Catalytic converter theft has become so common that California lawmakers have drafted a bill, SB 919, that will require both new and used auto dealerships to ...

Feb 23 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Schools

Los Angeles Unified is the country’s second-largest school district, and yet it employs fewer than 300 school police officers. With approximately 440,000 students enrolled, that ...

Feb 16 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Construction Sites

The headlines don’t lie: The price of lumber has fluctuated greatly over the past year, hitting multiple peaks before quickly sinking as mortgage rates change. ...

Feb 1 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Film & TV Production

COVID-19 has made an indelibly detrimental mark on the film and television production industry. In the Motion Picture Association’s most recent annual THEME Report, one ...

Jan 14 2022

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Facility Management

The valuable assets inside manufacturing and warehousing facilities can make them hotbeds of criminal activity. Over the past several years, no product category has been ...

Jan 10 2022

New Year, New Security Services

As 2022 kicks off, it’s time to evaluate what your commercial security system may be missing and fill in the gaps as necessary. If your ...

Jan 7 2022

Manufacturer Spotlight: Brivo Access Control

Organizations of all types continue to make the shift from traditional lock-and-key entry to electronic access control systems. That makes this a great time to ...

Jan 3 2022

Fighting Los Angeles Business Burglary with Additional Security

The smash and grab burglary epidemic plaguing the Los Angeles area has woken up the business community. There’s no more denying the deep need for ...

Dec 13 2021

Fighting Follow-Home Robbery and Other Burglaries

The crime wave sweeping Southern California is not exclusive to businesses. According to LAPD Police Chief Michael Moore, a new kind of home burglary represents ...

Dec 9 2021

Doorbell Cameras and the Holidays

Things have gotten a little more normal this holiday season, but many of us are still doing the majority of our shopping online. Because of ...

Nov 18 2021

Honeywell vs. DMP Security Systems

Honeywell and DMP are two of the most popular electronic security manufacturers in operation. At Valley Alarm, we offer products from both brands; furthermore, we ...

Nov 17 2021

Faster Fire Alarm Panels from Valley Alarm

The supply chain crisis has affected nearly every industry, including electronic security and fire detection technologies. When you’re a developer facing stringent fire code requirements ...

Nov 15 2021

Help for the Security Risks of Homelessness

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that more than 60,000 homeless people are living on the streets of Los Angeles County. Conditions of homelessness have been ...

Nov 11 2021

Valley Alarm Participates in Special Olympics Torch Run

Earlier this week, Valley Alarm was out to show support for both the Special Olympics and the San Fernando Police Department. We provided an aid ...

Nov 1 2021

Valley Alarm Hosts 2021 Annual Truck or Treat

We want to thank everyone who attended our "Trunk or Treat" event this past Sunday. It was a terrific Halloween evening! Specifically, we want to ...

Oct 26 2021

Don’t Let Fire Season Threaten Your Cannabis Business

In Southern California, wildfire season peaks in October and can last through December in years with low rainfall. This poses a severe threat to legal ...

Oct 8 2021

Video Guard Monitoring for Property Management

If you manage a residential community, most of the security challenges you experience likely occur at entryways and common areas; that's in addition to the ...
halloween, pumpkin, jack-o'-lantern

Oct 4 2021

Halloween Safety Guide

Some people take weeks to decorate their house aiming to be the fiendish house on the block. In addition, it can also be a hassle ...
CCTV camera

Sep 24 2021

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Contractors

Today’s contractors are faced with ongoing concerns over the cost of construction materials. The cost of lumber reached a peak last spring and took a ...

Sep 21 2021

Avoiding Cannabis Theft this Croptober Season

Croptober, the early fall season during which around 80% of sun-grown cannabis is harvested, is safer from natural threats in Southern California than it is ...

Sep 8 2021

What Message Does Security Send About Your Cannabis Business?

Despite the legalization of cannabis in California over four years ago, there are still very few legal dispensaries in the Greater Los Angeles area. Bureaucratic ...

Aug 9 2021

Going on Vacation? Manage Your Home Security Remotely

Last summer, travel was strongly discouraged — but as we near the end of summer 2021, many of us are excited to get in at ...

Jul 13 2021

Your Summer Safety Checklist

Summer is nearing its apex, and we’re all in checklist mode. Gone to the beach? Check. Taken a dip in the pool? Check. Hosted a ...

Jun 9 2021

Filling in School Security Gaps Over Summer Break

It’s been a strange school year, and now campuses are about to sit empty once again for a long summer break. That leaves them vulnerable ...
access control

May 31 2021

The Many Needs for Managed Access Control

It’s common for property management companies to have someone on call around the clock to deal with various property issues. Late night and weekend phone ...
In door grow hemp. Cannabis at the beginning of flowering. Legal Marijuana cultivation in the home. Green background of leaves. Young cannabis plant. moody color

May 25 2021

Reducing the Risk of Internal Theft in the Cannabis Space

Internal theft is one of the biggest threats to the health of a cannabis enterprise. According to one California-based insurance broker, approximately 90% of theft ...
Two young man architect on a building construction site

May 25 2021

ValleyGuard Virtual Guard Video Monitoring for Construction

If you run a construction site, you know the risks of leaving it unattended after-hours — like theft of copper, wood, and fixtures. Not only ...
In the Security Control Room Two Officers Monitoring Multiple Screens for Suspicious Activities, They Report any Unauthorised Activities. They Guard Object of National Importance.

May 25 2021

ValleyGuard Video Monitoring vs. Live Security Guards

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California employs more security guards than any other state in the U.S. According to the most recently available ...

May 19 2021

Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives

Every day in the United States, 53 people are injured and 11 die in home fires. The fact is that many of these fires, injuries ...
Close up of pre-teen friends in a park smiling to camera

May 17 2021

How a Security System Can Protect Your Kids

Many people think that security systems are meant to deter burglars from breaking into homes and businesses when people aren't there. That's true. But perhaps ...
marijuana cannabis leaf background

May 3 2021

What is Cannabis Compliant Security?

After just three years, California’s legal cannabis market reached $4 billion in sales by 2020. Those who are considering opening a cannabis business in the ...
video monitoring surveillance security system

May 1 2021

What’s So Great About Proactive Video Monitoring?

We hear a lot of questions about how to go about monitoring video feeds. While there are products that let you see your home security ...
Couple on a beach

Apr 29 2021

Vacation: Are you Ready?

Summer is around the corner and so are summer vacations! Before you head off to relax, though, are you truly ready? Take our quiz to ...
Hispanic Students Near School Bus Wearing Face Masks

Apr 23 2021

Covid-19: Summary of Guideline to Reopen Schools

As the state of California prepares to fully reopen its economy on June 15th, like many parents, your main concern is with the public school ...

Apr 8 2021

Keep Yourself Safe While on Social Media!

Millions of people check into or disclose their location to at least one social media network per day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and ...
Close-up shot: The smoke detector is triggered by a trickle of dum, the red indicator lights up

Feb 19 2021

Smoke Alarm Performance In House Fires

Home Invasion Safety

Feb 14 2021

Home Invasion Safety! – Stay Protected

A home invasion is when robbers force their way into an occupied home, apartment or hotel room to commit a robbery or other crime. The ...
Burn Safety

Feb 14 2021

Burn Safety Awareness

Children under the age of 5-years-old account for 52 percent of all child fire deaths according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Each year, approximately ...

Feb 14 2021

Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Victim

The first step in protecting yourself against becresidential crimes is education. What does that really mean? That means facing the hard facts and using that information ...
Man checking battery in smoke detector in the kitchen.

Dec 24 2020

Prevent Unplanned Repairs – Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarms and false alarms problems can be caused by a number of sources, such as age, dust, dirt, contaminates, and vandalism. Even remodeling and ...
Holiday Safety

Dec 23 2020

Holiday Safety

Here at Valley Alarm, we put our customers' safety first! Stay safe this holiday season with our helpful tips: Going on vacation for the holidays? ...
warehouse interior

Dec 19 2020

Warehouse Security – Protecting Your Warehouse

Warehouse security is sometimes overlooked, other than perhaps exterior door locks and alarms security professionals will tell you that security is substantially about access to ...
One cup and a book near the fireplace winter concept

Dec 11 2020

Holiday Safety Tips to Remember – Home Security

Did you know that the holiday season is the busiest time of the year? Due to the hustle and bustle of the season it can ...
Surveillance street camera in city and icons

Dec 5 2020

How CCTV Can Benefit Your Hotel

The use of CCTV in hotel parking lots has grown dramatically in recent years due its perceived ability to deter and detect crime, and its ...
Early Fire Detection

Nov 27 2020

Early Detection for Fire and Water Damage – Fire Detection

Fire detection is key part of a facility fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke will follow fast. Working fire detection with smoke ...
Happy Thanksgiving text with pumpkins and leaves over dark wood background

Nov 22 2020

Happy Thanksgiving from Valley Alarm!

As families are planning out their Thanksgiving cooking for a feast, we would like to offer a few precautionary tips to keep in mind. Per ...
Preventing Metal Theft

Nov 21 2020

Preventing Metal Theft

With the price of metal going up on a daily basis we’ve seen a rapid increase in metal thefts especially in aluminum, steel & especially ...

Nov 21 2020

Why Do I Need A Professional?

When you want the best solution to a problem that arises what do you do? Do you spend time trying to become an expert so ...
grandpa with delicious turkey for thanksgiving

Nov 20 2020

Test your Thanksgiving Safety Knowledge

The turkey's ready to go into the oven, potatoes are mashed and ready in their dish, and the pumpkin pies are finally poured and waiting ...
Happy Thanksgiving text with pumpkins and leaves over dark wood background

Nov 18 2020

Thanksgiving Day Safety

    Thanksgiving Day is still the peak day for home cooking fires. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) Data Snapshot for ...

Nov 9 2020

Wildfire Safety

California's fire season is now year-round. With wildfires liable to break out at any time, it's more important than ever to be prepared for a ...
Person Hand Showing Security Concept On Blackboard

Nov 7 2020

How A Doorbell System Can Improve Your Schools Safety

There seems to be a horrific trend as of late with school shootings.  Unfortunately, many schools have had to reevaluate their security systems and have ...

Oct 31 2020

Halloween Safety

It's Halloween! Goblins, ghouls, and mountains of candy abound. We at Valley Alarm hope you have a safe and spooktacular holiday. Here are our best ...

Oct 31 2020

Keep Your Customer’s Valuables Safe

Securing your storage facility and your customer's future business Studies have shown that customer's are naturally attracted to facilities that visibly show a sense of ...
Happy Halloween with pumpkins on a spooky forest at night

Oct 25 2020

Happy Halloween from Valley Alarm!

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children! Valley Alarm keeps the safety of your family in mind so we’d ...
Church Security

Oct 24 2020

Church Video Surveillance Systems

It would be nice to think that video surveillance systems using CCTV are not needed for churches and other places of worship. But the truth ...

Oct 17 2020

Interactive Security Systems – Home Protection

How Many Hats Can You Wear? How an Interactive Security System Can Help! Email/text notification can be sent to you for events such as: system ...
Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 12 2020

Halloween Safety Tips

Children love Halloween; they get to dress up and eat candy, what else could a child ask for in a holiday?! Although its fun, all ...
Kids trick or treat. Halloween fun for children.

Oct 11 2020

Halloween Safety

Useful Information That Will Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween! Children love Halloween; they get to dress up and eat candy, what else could a ...
School Security

Oct 2 2020

12 Steps to Better Your School’s Front Entrance Security

There is much to learn about this recent trend of school shootings.  We can implement ways to boost security to help prevent, or at least ...
Happy businessman isolated - handsome man standing with crossed arms

Sep 27 2020

Beware of the Door-to-Door Salesman!

Who’s Really Knocking on Your Door?   The scenario goes something like this - You get a knock on your door and a salesman claiming ...

Sep 25 2020

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide – CO Detector

We like to think of our homes as a safe haven where we are protected and we can protect our families from the dangers of ...
Close-up shot: The smoke detector is triggered by a trickle of dum, the red indicator lights up

Sep 15 2020

Is your smoke detector being monitored?

The only way an unmonitored smoke detector will notify you of a fire is by loud, audible beeping. This works perfectly, if you happen to ...
Church Security

Sep 14 2020

Security in The Church – Church Protection

Should the doors of your church be opened or closed? Since 1999 their have been 427 gun related killings & countless injuries in churches around ...
Back to School Safety

Sep 8 2020

Back to School Safety

Back to School season usually means lots of preparations are in store. In the midst of school shopping, lunch packing and the course planning have ...
smoke detector of fire alarm in action

Sep 6 2020

Get Monitored! – Smoke Detectors

Get Monitored! The Importance of Monitored Smoke Detectors Federal law requires that every residence or dwelling must have smoke detectors installed.  However, not all smoke ...

Sep 3 2020

Don’t Lose Your Peace of Mind! – Remodel Considerations

When dealing with your property little investment can provide large peace of mind! Don’t fall victim to property loss caused by burglaries!  No matter if ...
Black front door of white house with trees

Aug 31 2020

Smart Security at your Doorstep

What is a Skybell? SkyBell works as a video intercom. It enables you to see and speak with visitors at your door from a smart ...
Back to school. Cute asian pupil girl with backpack holding her mother hand and going to school in vintage color tone

Aug 30 2020

Free Emergency Contact List

Do you have an emergency contact list? School is officially back in session, which means busy nights. In all the hustle and bustle, it's easy ...
Preventing School Invasions

Aug 24 2020

What Can We Do To Prevent School Invasions? – Intrusion Detection

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook—these memories are seared into the mind of this American generation. Most, however, fail to remember Hillside Elementary School, Santa Monica ...
School security cameras

Aug 12 2020

Security Camera Systems for Schools

Some people might argue that having outdoor security camera systems for schools is a waste of the school's or tax payer’s money, but there are ...
Back to School of Mother and pupil and kids holding hands going to school

Aug 11 2020

Back to School Safety

 Tips to Ensure Your Child Stays Safe! Back to school season usually means lots of preparations are in store. In the midst of school shopping, ...
Nice curb appeal of grey house with covered porch and garage

Aug 10 2020

Life Safety Tips for the Hot Summer Months

How to Stay Safe in Record Heat With the hot months of summer fast approaching, it’s important to know how to stay safe during high ...

Aug 9 2020

FAQs of Home Security – Alarm System

FAQ’s before purchasing an alarm system You Need To Know This! There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a new home ...
School Safety

Aug 5 2020

Is Your Child’s School As Safe As You Think?

Our nation’s schools are faced with ongoing and growing threats: Violence, Drugs, Bullying, Crime, Natural Disasters and even Terrorism. Is your child’s school prepared for ...
Security camera and home in the evening

Jul 20 2020


Nothing is more important than protecting what you treasure most… your family and home. Valley Alarm provides top-of-the-line residential security systems backed by highly-trained professionals.
Summer Grilling safety

Jul 7 2020

Summer Grilling Safety

Tips On How To Stay Safe While Having Fun! Every year dozens of people are injured and hundreds of fires are reported because of grilling ...

Jul 5 2020

Welcome Summer with these Home Safety Tips!

Going on vacation this summer? Keep these helpful tips in mind while away from home during your summer trip! Reduce the appearance of an unoccupied ...
Smart Home concept, Hand holding smartphone with smart home application on screen

Jun 20 2020

6 Ways an Interactive Security System Can Help

A security system is an important way to keep a building safe. However, an interactive security system may be more appropriate for you. Here are ...
Summer Safety

Jun 3 2020

Summer Safety

Most of us look forward to summer; the weather in Southern California is beginning to heat up which means summertime festivities are underway! Even though ...
Home Alarm System

May 22 2020

How An Alarm System Works – Explained

Electric alarm systems are over 100 years old, one of the earliest being patented by Alexander Pope of Boston. His system was very similar to ...
Home Security System

May 21 2020

The Three D’s of Home Security

Home security strategies can be broadly classified into three categories, often referred to as the three "Ds" of home security. These are deterrence, denial and ...
Women discussing issue

May 20 2020

The Insurance and Tax Advantages of a Home Security System

A very important but often overlooked benefit of a security system is that it can give you substantial savings on your insurance premiums and tax ...

May 18 2020

What is a Central Station and Why Be Monitored?

A central station is a facilty that monitors security and other systems for specific situations, most commonly burglaries, robberies, fires and medical emergencies and then ...
Smoke Alarm monitoring

May 7 2020

The Importance of a Monitored Smoke Detector

If you own a smoke detector, you obviously realize how important they can be in helping prevent loss of life and property. But, it is ...

Apr 8 2020

FAQ: What Does the 3G Sunset Mean for You?

Forever in our hearts, soon to be phased out of wireless communications everywhere. We've been getting a lot of questions lately about the switch from ...
Man installing smoke detector

Apr 3 2020

False Alarm Prevention with these Tips

Nationwide, approximately 98% of alarm activations that police respond to are false. False alarms are a major nuisance to police departments because they divert officers ...
CCTV Security Camera, Protect your home from thieves

Mar 20 2020

Do Security Cameras Benefit Your Property?

CCTV is a type of digital surveillance that uses cameras to transmit video to a connected screen(s) that displays the recorded activity. Here's five ways ...
concept of mortgage and housing for   families. mother father and child from   roof of   house on   nature

Mar 12 2020

Spring Home Security Tips

  Are you ready for Spring break and vacations?  Use our Spring Home Security tips below to get your home ready for warm weather. Remember, ...
Friendly neighborhood

Mar 10 2020

Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe as a Team!

Get together: Neighbors are your best confidants when it comes to preventing a burglary in your neighborhood. Getting to know them and building a rapport ...
concept of mortgage and housing for   families. mother father and child from   roof of   house on   nature

Mar 3 2020

Who Should Be On Your Emergency Contact List?

When you commit to being monitored by any alarm company, you need to provide an emergency contact for the site. This is true for residential ...
Person Watching Footage On Digital Tablet

Feb 28 2020

What Do We Mean By Wireless?

What Do We Mean By Wireless?
smoke detector of fire alarm in action

Feb 24 2020

The Invisible Killer: Carbon Monoxide

You can't see, taste or smell the “Invisible Killer”: Carbon Monoxide (CO). It’s an odorless and colorless gas created by fuels burned incompletely. Additionally, Carbon ...
security camera in hongkong china,blue toned image.

Feb 20 2020


Our commercial security systems are custom-designed, installed and monitored to meet your unique requirements. And our security solutions can scale seamlessly as your business grows ...
Young woman entering authorization code

Feb 17 2020

Remember: Test Your Alarm System Monthly!

Why test your alarm system? Your alarm system can keep you safe from potential invaders. However, an alarm system is useless if it malfunctions. It’s ...

Feb 14 2020

How to Keep Pets Safe at Home

You think about protecting your property and your valuables, so you probably are also concerned about how to keep pets safe at home. When it ...
Smart Phone Security

Feb 13 2020

Smartphone Security

Do you ever wonder what we did before smart phones? We used to have a land-line phone, digital camera, GPS, and a million other they are ...
Happy Valentine's Day graphic on blue background with holiday text.  Red hearts arranged for banner full of love.

Feb 11 2020

Have a fire-y Valentine’s Day from Valley Alarm!

Did you know that the leading cause of house fires begin from cooking in the kitchen? Aside from kitchen fires, per U.S. Fire Administration, approximately ...
Businessman hand pressing down password number on electronic access control machine to open the office door. Security system concept

Feb 5 2020

The Benefits of Access Control With Integrated Video

Access control systems are the wave of the future when it comes to building safety. Today, a variety of access control technologies work together. Hospitals, ...
Mudslide Guide

Feb 4 2020

Mudslide Guide

Torrential rain is sweeping through Southern California, and mudslide warnings are everywhere. Areas destabilized by wildfires are some of the most at-risk, and as we ...

Feb 3 2020

Beware of Door Knockers! Who’s Really Knocking on Your Door?

The scenario goes something like this - You get a knock on your door and a salesman claiming to represent a home alarm company gives ...
Home Burglar in a Mask

Feb 3 2020

How to Outsmart a Burglar

In our previous blog post, we presented a few important facts and statistics about burglaries. It’s helpful to keep these facts and statistics in mind ...
Close up Fire extinguisher and pulling pin on red tank.

Feb 3 2020

The Most Essential Places to Keep Your Fire Extinguisher

Did you know that fire extinguishers are essential on every floor in the home and workplace? Do you know the best rooms to keep them ...
Security camera and home in the evening

Feb 1 2020

4 Lesser Known Security Tips

  Next-Level Home Security Tips   There's a lot of common knowledge about keeping your home safe and sound. Here's a few home security tips ...
Woman holding tablet with blank screen indoors. Mockup for design

Jan 29 2020

Do You Have Enough Camera Coverage?

People think that one camera with enough coverage for an entire room is all you need to keep your business or home secure. Is that ...

Jan 27 2020

Burglary Facts & Statistics

Burglary Facts & Statistics Awareness is KEY to safety when it comes to knowing how to protect your home from becoming a victim to a ...
Security Camera, CCTV on location, airport

Jan 25 2020

Property Management Closed Circuit Television – CCTV Systems

In recent years, more property managers have used high-tech CCTV systems and DVR products to strengthen management quality. Complexes that house hundreds of people are ...

Jan 20 2020

Safety Tips: Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain, whether short or long-distance, is not only a hassle but it’s extremely dangerous. According to AAA, wet pavement contributes to nearly ...

Jan 20 2020


As a contractor you have plenty of things to worry about—but security shouldn’t be one of them. Valley Alarm provides contractors with a full range ...
Door access control - young woman holding a key card to lock and unlock door.

Jan 16 2020

Access Control 101 – Point of Entry

What Security Goes at an Access Point? An access control point is anywhere that access can be electronically controlled. Usually, this is at the main ...
Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures under zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather twenty under zero.

Jan 5 2020

Cold Weather Leads to Car Theft Spike

Have you heard about warm-up thefts?  You can bet the average car thief has.  The National Crime Prevention Council says car thieves may be on ...
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