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Licensed by the state of California, Valley Alarm provides design, consultation, installation, maintenance and central station services for commercial, residential and government clients of all types.

Home Security for Father’s Day

This year’s Father’s Day may look a little different than in years past, given that more dads are now working from home, many have dealt with employment challenges, and some have even taken on the role of overseeing their kids’ remote learning. In fact, one recent Harvard study reports that a majority of dads (70%) feel they grew closer to their children during the pandemic.

Virtual Guard Monitoring for Office Complexes

Despite having no connection to retail business, criminal activity near office complexes is becoming more common in California. One recent example is the tragic shooting in downtown Sacramento on April 3. However, there are lower profile cases of vandalism, intrusion and other crimes near office buildings throughout Southern California. All things considered, it’s a risky time to operate an office complex.  

Virtual Guard Monitoring for Cannabis Businesses Part 1

Remote guard video monitoring, also known as virtual guard monitoring, is quickly growing as a more dynamic alternative to traditional video surveillance. This makes it a perfect security solution for cannabis businesses, which are constantly at risk of being targeted by thieves. If you own a licensed cannabis operation in Southern California, here are some of the advantages we can offer you with ValleyGuard, our virtual guard monitoring service.  

Virtual Guard Monitoring FAQs

Virtual guard monitoring is one of the fastest-growing security solutions available to commercial and government properties. Business owners, building administrators and security managers are quickly waking up to the benefits of this innovative service. Here are some of the questions they ask most frequently.   


Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Catalytic converter theft has become so common that California lawmakers have drafted a bill, SB 919, that will require both new and used auto dealerships to place a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamp on each catalytic converter on their premises before a vehicle is sold. The bill also specifies that metal recyclers would only be allowed to buy catalytic converters with these VIN numbers on them; meanwhile, recyclers would be required to keep records of sale that could be accessed by police departments. 

Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Schools

Los Angeles Unified is the country’s second-largest school district, and yet it employs fewer than 300 school police officers. With approximately 440,000 students enrolled, that roughly equates to one school police officer for every 1,500 students. The numbers don’t lie; our school police forces need supplemental security support. Fortunately, Valley Alarm can provide it with ValleyGuard, our remote guard video monitoring service that’s ideal for school campuses in Los Angeles. 

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