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Remote Video Monitoring for Summer Retail Security

Because of a rise in specific types of burglaries, law enforcement is bracing for the possibility of a crime-ridden summer. In May, the Los Angeles City Council proposed to increase the LAPD budget by $87 million in order to hire 780 new officers. One of the reasons for this is an uptick in retail robberies, especially at establishments that have jewelry, electronics, and other high-end merchandise displayed in windows or near entries. 

If you operate an establishment that fits this description, one security recommendation is remote video monitoring. ValleyGuard, our remote video monitoring service at Valley Alarm, can be instrumental in helping your business defend itself against summer retail robbery. Here’s how. 

Consistent Monitoring

Traditional video surveillance is a passive monitoring service that’s becoming less effective. It encourages the business owner to take the reactive, too-little-too-late approach of manually checking on cameras with no strategy in mind. This does very little (if anything) to prevent retail theft. With remote video monitoring, retail shops can operate more securely because a virtual guard is watching the site after hours. 

Proactive Intervention

With our ValleyGuard service, Valley Alarm can install cameras at your business that contain artificial intelligence designed to detect true security events. These events trigger an alert to the virtual guard, who can then talk down to the site right away. Meanwhile, the business owner receives an automatic alert from the system. This approach is highly proactive and far more effective at promoting the intruder to leave without following through on a theft. 

Fast Dispatching 

Because remote video monitoring is a service that verifies security events as crimes in progress, police departments respond faster to these events. The video verification eliminates the possibility of a false alarm, thereby elevating the call in priority when the virtual guard dispatches them.

The difference between a verified and unverified call can make a major difference in how quickly law enforcement arrives at the scene.  

Retailers throughout Los Angeles are facing big security risks this summer, but Valley Alarm can help. To inquire about ValleyGuard, our remote video monitoring service, call us today. We’re ready to assist you. 

About Valley Alarm

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