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What’s So Great About Proactive Video Monitoring?

We hear a lot of questions about how to go about monitoring video feeds. While there are products that let you see your home security cameras on your phone, many of you want better security for your businesses. If you need more than a way to check in on your cameras manually, Proactive Video Monitoring could be right for you.

What is Proactive Video Monitoring?

Proactive Video Monitoring is a way to have our operator alerted if someone is somewhere they shouldn’t be.

How Does it Work?

The cameras are equipped with a system that uses software analytics to know if someone is where they shouldn’t be. If triggered, the cameras connect to our operator who can dispatch authorities and talk to the people onsite immediately and in great detail. They watch what happens and can even help direct authorities to anyone hiding at the location.

Let’s bring in a real-life scenario to better illustrate this.

Jeff’s Tire Company

Suppose Jeff’s Tire Company has had an issue with thieves that break in around 1-3AM and steal their inventory. So far, the culprits have managed to avoid the security guard on staff and have made off with over $10,000 worth of product. As a result, Jeff has a new Proactive Video Monitoring system installed.

As the system is set to look for intruders in the warehouse area from 9PM-6AM, the hours without staff, the thieves walk in front of the cameras. The camera’s algorithm sees movement where there shouldn’t be any and immediately connects our dispatcher. Over the speakers, the thieves hear,

“Hey you in the red shirt! The authorities are on their way! Leave immediately!”

The intruders are dumbstruck and shaken. Two run off, but one stays. He hides behind a cluster of tire stacks just as the police arrive. Once again, the voice comes over the speakers,

“In the far-left corner, officers! He’s hiding in the far-left corner behind the stacks next to the first aid kit!”

The thief is apprehended and no product is stolen. The recording is kept for a set amount of time in case it is relevant to a court case and can be saved by the owners of Jeff’s  Tire Company any time they want.

Will Police Treat My Calls Differently if I Use This?

Police take video-verified threats very seriously and are eager to stop the crime as soon as they can. Because of this, the response times for video-verified calls are only second to the calls for “shots fired!” You are one of the police department’s top priorities when you have Proactive Video Monitoring.

Why Would I Need This?

Security guards are expensive to employ and can have a number of shortcomings. They can fall asleep on the job, miss work, or miss something on the video feed entirely.

Regular video verification lets you verify whether a triggered alarm is valid or not, but that also requires you to look at it and verify it. If you miss the notification, precious minutes could be wasted and your business could be vandalized, burgled, or your employees could be injured by intruders. With Proactive Video Monitoring, our operator is connected the moment something enters an area that should be closed off and no time is wasted.

Who Needs This?

Good uses for Proactive Video Monitoring include any location that has vandal-prone or sensitive areas that are off-limits, even if just for certain windows of time. Some examples could be a campus, a government facility, a museum, an industrial cannabis facility, or a car dealership.

How Can I Learn More?

For more information about Proactive Video Monitoring, contact us today!

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