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Do You Have Enough Camera Coverage?

People think that one camera with enough coverage for an entire room is all you need to keep your business or home secure.

Is that true? What if the area you want to cover is a lobby, a large office space, or even your front porch? Will one camera be enough to see what happened in the event of a burglary?

A surveillance camera is used to record an event or series of events to provide the user with all the information they may need. In most cases, those surveillance systems are there to build a case against an employee for stealing. They can help solve who started a fight with two customers, or even see if the UPS man is throwing your packages across your yard.

What about video coverage in your home? Police have released security video of robberies. The problem is, we usually can’t get a good view of the suspect’s face. Cameras close to the door create glare. Homes are a little harder to mount cameras to. This person may have no other option, but you should make sure you have enough coverage to see every possible scenario. You may need to point out someone’s face or license plate.

We at Valley Alarm highly recommend each person or business to cover all the areas they want to see. It isn’t enough to just catch someone in the act. You need clear evidence showing what happened and who did it.

Call the security experts at Valley Alarm to get your hassle free security evaluation!

Get your business and loved ones the peace of mind that they deserve!

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