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CCTV to Crack Down on Summer Crime

Incidents of robbery and vandalism tend to spike in the summer every year — but in summer 2022, that spike is causing a major company to shutter many of its locations throughout the U.S. That company is Starbucks, which announced on July 13 that it will close 16 stores across the country (six of which are in Los Angeles). 

CCTV to Crack Down on Summer Crime

Virtual Guard Monitoring vs. Portable Surveillance Units

Portable surveillance units, also known as mobile video surveillance trailers, are solar-powered devices that deliver a live video feed of a monitored area to a central station. They are becoming increasingly popular for monitoring the parking lots of big box stores, drugstores and other retail spaces. But are they as effective as the live video guards who perform virtual guard monitoring? Here are some of the reasons portable surveillance units are inferior to ValleyGuard, our virtual guard monitoring service offered throughout Southern California. 

Remote Video Monitoring for Summer Retail Security

Because of a rise in specific types of burglaries, law enforcement is bracing for the possibility of a crime-ridden summer. In May, the Los Angeles City Council proposed to increase the LAPD budget by $87 million in order to hire 780 new officers. One of the reasons for this is an uptick in retail robberies, especially at establishments that have jewelry, electronics and other high end merchandise displayed in windows or near entries. 

Retail Security

Honeywell vs. DMP Security Systems

Honeywell and DMP are two of the most popular electronic security manufacturers in operation. At Valley Alarm, we offer products from both brands; furthermore, we are happy to install either brand according to the wishes of our customers. Additionally, we’d like to present as much information as possible about both brands. With enough knowledge, customers can make informed decisions about the security equipment they choose for their businesses. 

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