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How Many Hats Can You Wear? How an Interactive Security System Can Help!

Email/text notification can be sent to you for events such as: system arming/disarming, low battery, power outage, and system alarm events. This feature allows for almost immediate notification in addition to the normal voice calls by a monitoring station.

A Web based reporting platform allows you to retrieve reports for arming/disarming and alarm activation events. These reports can be printed or saved for future viewing.

Remote web based user code additions and deletions allow a business owner to modify user codes for employees via a web interface. This feature would save a trip to the site in the event a terminated employee’s code needs to be deleted from the system or if a new employee’s code needs to be programmed into the system.

A web based interface can allow a business owner to manage multiple locations with the use of a single username and password.

An interactive web based solution can allow you to remotely control thermostats; locks and lighting via a PC or mobile app. When the system is armed the thermostat can be set to a desired temperature and the lighting can be turned off. This could save big money on energy costs!

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