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4 Lesser Known Security Tips


Next-Level Home Security Tips


There’s a lot of common knowledge about keeping your home safe and sound. Here’s a few home security tips that you might not have heard before.


1. Keep Your Keypad Secluded

While placing your keypad to arm and disarm your system right next to your door is convenient for your daily routine, it’s also the most convenient place for thieves. A smart thief can watch through your window, and see what combination you enter. Then, they can easily slip in and disarm the system before the alarm sounds.

Instead, place your keypad where it’s easy for you to access, but hard for a thief to view. Your keypad should not be visible from outside your house. Even just knowing the location of your keypad is an advantage you don’t want to give an intruder.

Instead, keep your keypad tucked away behind a corner and away from all windows. Talk to your home security provider about optimal placement.

2. Don’t Give Thieves a Place to Hide

Overgrown yards with dark shadows allow thieves to slip into your yard undetected. Keep up with your landscaping to prevent your home turning into an easy target. If you like the look of a fuller façade, consider choosing thorny plants that are uninviting hiding places.

Smart lights scheduled to turn on when you are asleep can help keep your yard easily visible to you, neighbors and security cameras. Motion sensor lights are also a way to startle thieves with a spotlight.

3. Strategize

 With Decoys

Master bedrooms are often the first targeted place in homes. They house many valuables, such as credit cards and jewelry. If you have precious belongings, hide them in tricky places and leave mock valuables easily visible.

For example, keep your actual purse tucked away, but hang another on your closet door or bed frame with a wallet full of expired gift cards and loose change. A thief trying to enter and exit quickly will grab the decoy.

The same goes for jewelry. Keep your most valuable pieces tucked away in a hidden spot, and leave your costume jewelry out on display or at the top of your drawer.

4. Delete Your Traces

Burglars often try to map out a target’s routine to know when they will and will not be home. If you use a GPS, ensure your default home setting is for a gas station or park near your house, and not your specific address. This way, if your car is broken into and your phone or GPS stolen, the thief won’t be led straight to your empty home.

Keep your car in a garage if possible to make it more difficult to track your comings and goings. Otherwise, schedule smart lights to make it appear that you’re home when you’re out. Ensure that your social media footprint doesn’t counteract your efforts. Posting pictures showing you’re out, especially during vacations, can flag you as an optimal target.

On top of having a home security system, these home security tips can help keep you and your family safe.

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