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Proactive vs. Reactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Understanding the differences between proactive and reactive video monitoring solutions is essential when protecting your property and assets. These two approaches serve distinct purposes and offer different levels of security.

This article will delve into the critical aspects of proactive and reactive video monitoring, helping you decide which best suits your security requirements.

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What Is Remote Guarding and How Does It Work?

What is Remote Guarding? Remote guarding uses a combination of security cameras, advanced analytics, and the internet remotely to oversee and manage job site security. It is also known as remote surveillance and virtual guard monitoring and is a new approach to security. ValleyGuard Video Monitoring: Visit Our Video Monitoring Page What Can Remote Guarding …

What Is Remote Guarding and How Does It Work? Read More »

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Remote Video Monitoring for Summer Retail Security

Because of a rise in specific types of burglaries, law enforcement is bracing for the possibility of a crime-ridden summer. In May, the Los Angeles City Council proposed to increase the LAPD budget by $87 million in order to hire 780 new officers. One of the reasons for this is an uptick in retail robberies, especially at establishments that have jewelry, electronics and other high end merchandise displayed in windows or near entries. 

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Virtual Guard Monitoring FAQs

Virtual guard monitoring is one of the fastest-growing security solutions available to commercial and government properties. Business owners, building administrators and security managers are quickly waking up to the benefits of this innovative service. Here are some of the questions they ask most frequently.   


Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Contractors

Today’s contractors are faced with ongoing concerns over the cost of construction materials. The cost of lumber reached a peak last spring and took a dip over the past few weeks, revealing the instability of the markets that dictate how much contractors pay for the materials they rely on. Unfortunately, criminals pay attention to these trends as well. 

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