Remote Guard Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Catalytic converter theft has become so common that California lawmakers have drafted a bill, SB 919, that will require both new and used auto dealerships to place a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamp on each catalytic converter on their premises before a vehicle is sold. The bill also specifies that metal recyclers would only be allowed to buy catalytic converters with these VIN numbers on them; meanwhile, recyclers would be required to keep records of sale that could be accessed by police departments.

State officials hope that by introducing a way for these parts to be identified in the event they are stolen, they can decrease incidents of catalytic converter theft throughout California. It’s a noble effort, but it underscores the persistent security risks of operating an auto dealership, auto parts wholesaler or related business in a state where this type of theft has become so pervasive.

A Security Solution for Vehicle and Part Theft

If your business deals in the sales of vehicles or auto parts, we have a security solution that keeps watch over your inventory: ValleyGuard, our remote guard video monitoring service. ValleyGuard is an ideal supplement to your existing security protocol when you use it for these purposes.

Overnight Security Watch

Although you may not be required by law to have a live security guard onsite, many auto dealerships opt to have them on staff. This is a wise decision; however, it’s important to note that there’s only so much a security guard can do on his own. If your lot is large enough, it could be breached by an intruder on one end while your guard is patrolling the other end.

ValleyGuard can prevent this type of scenario. As our ValleyGuard client, you can be assured your virtual guard will monitor the site via video and responding to your motion-triggered alarm signal immediately. The guard can communicate with your security staff while dispatching police with a video verified call, which elevates it in police priority.

Invisible Perimeter Fencing

For many auto dealerships, the decision to operate without physical fencing is a strategic one; having an open lot projects a welcoming ambiance that supports the management’s marketing goals. Of course, there are security risks that accompany this choice.

With ValleyGuard, you can have an invisible perimeter fence around the lot, equipped with motion-triggered technology that alerts your virtual guard when a person approaches the premises afterhours. Your guard can talk down to the intruder via the loudspeaker, instructing them to leave before the police are called.

The perimeter protection of ValleyGuard is what every open car lot needs to remain secure overnight.

Protect Your Auto Dealership with ValleyGuard

Whether or not you have security staff or a physical fence onsite, ValleyGuard can fill the gaps in your security plan. At Valley Alarm, we welcome inquiries from automotive businesses throughout Southern California. Call us today to learn more about ValleyGuard, our remote guard video monitoring service that’s ideal for the auto sales industry.

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