The Benefits of Access Control With Integrated Video

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Access control systems are the wave of the future when it comes to building safety. Today, a variety of access control technologies work together. Hospitals, schools, and universities are some of the areas that access control can help the most. Security professionals can use the data coming in from those systems to develop improved situational awareness during emergency situations. New access control systems can also help campuses manage mass notification in the event of a crisis. (more…)

Access Control 101 – Point of Entry

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What Security Goes at an Access Point?

An access control point is anywhere that access can be electronically controlled. Usually, this is at the main point of entry to a building. This can be a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier. Typically, the access point is a door.


Card readers are a common way to monitor access points. For these, we place a reader on the non-secure side of the door. Most readers don’t make an access decisions independently.  Say someone presents a card for entry. The reader sends that card number to an access control panel. The control panel checks the number against an access list, and either grants or denies access based on if it finds the number on that list.

Door Positions

We can also monitor door positions. Programmed magnetic door switches can trip the alarm for a variety of reasons. These include when a door is propped open for an extended period of time, or if a door is opened without authorization. (more…)

The Many Needs for Managed Access Control

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It’s common for property management companies to have someone on call around the clock to deal with various property issues. Late night and weekend phone calls are routine for property managers. Some of these calls relate to maintenance issues… power outages, plumbing problems, or heating. But the most frequent calls property managers receive are from tenants who lock themselves out of their residential space or commercial suite. This requires the property management representative to meet the locked-out tenant at the site to unlock the door. If ever there was a golden opportunity for managed access control, this is it. (more…)