Keep Your Customer’s Valuables Safe

Securing your storage facility and your customer’s future business

Studies have shown that customer’s are naturally attracted to facilities that visibly show a sense of security. The main priority of your customer is making sure that their possessions are secure, and that they feel safe while on your property. Falling victim to a burglary or having a customer harassed at your storage facility is always devastating, either case can damage a healthy customer relationship and your reputation; I will be showing you the best and most secure options to go above and beyond your customer’s expectations

  • Access control systems require renters to use individual codes or security cards to enter your facility which keeps unwanted guests locked out, but also gives on site managers a record of who’s using the facility at all times.
  • Personal storage unit door alarms provide that extra layer of security your customer is looking for, by alerting on site managers if an unauthorized user enters a certain unit. These alarms are particularly effective in protecting against a common type of self-storage theft, an existing customer clearing out another customer’s unit.
  • 24 hour video surveillance technology can help in the deterring of thieves, with the added benefits of have a visual record of any incident that may occur.
  • Fire detection systems can not only save lives but alert you and your local fire department before any property or customer’s possessions are lost to a disaster.

Use these tips to help provide your customer’s with the highest level of security which will help you secure their business for a life time.

Edward Michel
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