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The emerging cannabis industry is tightly regulated in many areas of operation, including security. Valley Alarm provides cannabis dispensaries and growing operations with security services that are in strict compliance with Title 16, Division 42 of the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations.

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Valley Alarm Ensures Compliance with Title 16

As our customer, you have our support in obtaining the appropriate descriptions of your security equipment. And of course, your equipment will be professionally installed and permanently mounted per the requirements of Title 16. 

Title 16 requires all licensee applicants to provide a thorough description of:

  • Video Surveillance

    The video surveillance system, including camera placement and procedures for the maintenance of video surveillance equipment.

  • Access Control

    How you will ensure that all access points to the premises will be secured, including the use of security personnel.

  • Intrusion / Alarm Monitoring

    A description of the applicant’s security alarm system.

ValleyGuard Video Verification

Afterhours Security for Your Cannabis Facility

Title 16 requires you to hire a standing guard during business hours. But for afterhours security, we suggest our ValleyGuard virtual guard video monitoring service. If an intruder breaks into your business overnight, ValleyGuard alerts a live dispatcher at our monitoring center immediately. He or she can order the intruder to leave the premises using our two-way talkdown technology. If the intruder remains onsite, the dispatcher will call your local police. Because this is a video verified alarm, police elevate it in priority. ValleyGuard is much more affordable than hiring an overnight security guard, and it’s equally effective at mitigating criminal threats. This is the cost-effective afterhours protection your business needs.

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Title 16 Compliant Access Control Systems

Video analytics that intelligently detect humans in the field of vision. 24-hour video surveillance recording at the required minimum of 15 frames per second. 90-days security footage storage accessible on-premises and in the cloud, compliant with requirements for "transmission control protocol (TCP) capable of being accessed through the Internet." Continuous, uninterrupted system monitoring at our local monitoring center. A wide range of high definition smart cameras to choose from, compliant with the requirement of a "digital video surveillance system with a minimum camera resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels."


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Valley Alarm can help minimize your vulnerabilities so that criminals can be stopped in their tracks. To implement security equipment and procedures in full compliance with the regulations of the cannabis industry, call Valley Alarm today. We will be glad to assist you.

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