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Warehouse Security – Protecting Your Warehouse

Warehouse security is sometimes overlooked, other than perhaps exterior door locks and alarms security professionals will tell you that security is substantially about access to desirable items & areas. How can you limit it? Let’s take a look at security equipment that can reduce temptation and help to keep vandals away from expensive interior & exterior equipment.

Most companies who implement surveillance programs and other measures do it because they want to address employee related theft. In many industries that have a warehouse, it’s a common problem and it cost up to 15 billion in lost inventory every year. At the very least there should be surveillance cameras and motion sensors in areas of concern, also door access should be installed so you know who is coming and going in areas that have valuable merchandise and equipment.  Lastly, outdoor cameras with motion sensing can capture images when movement is detected on the exterior of the building. The images are also sent to a recording device so you can review them at any time!

Valley Alarm has been a world class security company for over 35 years, securing warehouses and many other types of businesses. We have the latest security devices such as high definition infrared 1080p surveillance cameras. Burglar alarms that secure doors and windows also rooftop accesses. Let one of our trained experts visit your location to do a job walk & assess your needs. We at Valley Alarm are committed to providing the best quality equipment and customer service in the security industry. Stay one step ahead of the thieves that are preying on your very expensive merchandise and don’t get caught unprepared.

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