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The Most Essential Places to Keep Your Fire Extinguisher

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Did you know that fire extinguishers are essential on every floor in the home and workplace? Do you know the best rooms to keep them in? Having a fire extinguisher is vital, but that’s only one step of being prepared for a fire emergency. To truly keep your home and office safe, keep your extinguishers maintained and up-to-date on inspections. Keep them in the correct rooms that are at the highest risk of a fire.

Do you keep a Fire Extinguisher in Your…

The most important room to store a fire extinguisher in is the kitchen. 65 percent of all fires start in the kitchen. This is especially important when considering the fact that most kitchen fires involve grease. Grease fires burn extremely hot and can’t be put out with water. Do not keep the extinguisher near the stove: the last thing you want is for flames to reach your fire prevention equipment. The extinguisher should be about 30 feet from a stove.

Laundry Room
Another common room for a house fire to start in is the laundry room. If you guessed the dryer machine as the culprit, you’re correct. The lint in your dryer is very flammable and can catch on fire due to the high temperatures inside the machine. To reduce the chance of a dryer fire, be sure to clean the lint trap after every load.

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Sources of Heat And Electricity
In the home, a fire extinguisher should be kept near potential fire hazards, including fireplaces and furnaces. In the office, any areas with electrical panels and multiple appliances should have a fire extinguisher nearby. Electrical fires are common in offices that use a lot of electricity, especially when there is a combination of electric circuits and hot appliances.

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