Halloween Safety

It’s Halloween!

Goblins, ghouls, and mountains of candy abound. We at Valley Alarm hope you have a safe and spooktacular holiday. Here are our best tips to maximize your Halloween safety:

1) The Early Bird Gets the Gummy Worm
To get first pick of candy and to be home by bedtime, eat dinner early and hit the trick-or-treating trail before dark.

2) Be the Light
Who doesn’t love a flashy costume? Add some extra-visible pizazz with glow sticks and flashlights. Your home should be lit up as well; burglars often scout neighborhoods for empty homes during Halloween.

3) Stay on Track
For the safest trick-or-treating experience, only trick or treat at houses that you
know and trust. Steer clear of unlit and undecorated houses.

4) Skip the “Take One” Bowl
If you’re out and about, leaving a bowl of candy with a “Take One” note might seem like a courteous thing to do. However, it could signal to burglars that your house is empty.

5) Safety in Numbers
Kids should always stay within a group accompanied by a responsible adult.

6) Save your Pictures for November 1st
Someone watching your social media feed might see that you’re away if you post photos live. Lower your chance of a break-in by living in the moment: wait a day before posting those great costume party pictures.


We hope that you all have a fun night – we hope this helped improve your Halloween safety! For more on making your home a safer place, check out our free downloadable Emergency Contact List.

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