Smoke Alarm monitoring

The Importance of a Monitored Smoke Detector

If you own a smoke detector, you obviously realize how important they can be in helping prevent loss of life and property. But, it is important to understand the difference between battery-operated smoke detectors purchased from home improvement stores, and a smoke detector installed by an authorized dealer. The battery operated smoke detectors that you buy in the store are “stand alone” and not connected to other smoke detectors or warning devices. Should a fire break out while no one is at home, it would take a significant amount of time before anyone on the outside would see that there is a fire. It takes a tremendous amount of heat to break a window, allowing smoke to escape making the fire visible from the outside. By that time, your home and all of your possessions could be gone. With monitored smoke detection, the fire can be identified in its very early stages – often before you would know there is a problem. The fire department may have a chance to arrive at your home before your property and valuables are completely lost, and most importantly, before anyone gets hurt. Consider the advantages of these early warning devices:

  • Home or away, awake or asleep, armed or disarmed, these detectors are working to protect your home and family.
  • When smoke is detected, a signal is sent immediately to the monitoring station who will then dispatch your local fire department.
  • Monitored smoke detectors will continue to work even if there is a power outage.

Don’t let the tempting price of store purchased smoke detectors fool you, the safety of your family, pets, and hard earned possessions are far more important than saving a few bucks!  

Edward Michel
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