Summer is around the corner and so are summer vacations! Before you head off to relax, though, are you truly ready? Take our quiz to find out.

You made it to the airport parking lot before you realize that you forgot to turn off the lights in your bedroom. What do you do?

Just as the airlock closes and the crew gets ready for takeoff, your eyes snap open and you realize that your garage door is almost certainly wide-open, and you took a ride share so your new car wouldn't spend the next month racking up parking rent at the airport. What do you do?

Since you're thinking about your garage door, what about your front door? Did you close that? You're having trouble remembering for sure...

You deplane in your tropical destination and the hot, humid breeze makes you long for some sweet air conditioning. did turn off your air conditioning before you went on vacation, right?

Photo by Ibrahim Asad from Pexels

On the beach, a cute puppy plays in the surf, which reminds you of your pets at home. Being a responsible pet owner, you arranged for someone to take care of them when you were enjoying your vacation. You're certain that they'll be around to check on your animals and feed them, but do you know for sure?

On your last day in paradise, a news alert from home pops up on your phone: it looks like a burglar has been hitting up houses in your hometown. What do you do?

Ready for Vacation?
You're Ready for a Vacation!

Blue-tinted sunglasses above a beach

Congratulations, you're ready for your vacation! Sit back and relax: nothing gets past you! Just in case, though, you can always reach out to us to help make your house vacation-ready. Shoot us an email here.
Close, but Needs Work

Four people clinking glasses over a meal.

Friends, neighbors, and family are great to have as a support network, but you never know what might come up. It's best to have another option, just in case. To go over your security options, get in touch here. We're always happy to help!
You Have Lots of Planning Left

Hand with a pen writing a checklist.

It sounds like you have a ways to go before you're ready to jet set around the world, but that's okay! We can help you make sure that you're well-prepared to have peace of mind throughout your journey, wherever it takes you. To get started, get in touch with us here. We're always happy to help!

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