Mobile Security Trailers Inland Empire

Looking for top-notch mobile security trailers in the Inland Empire, CA?

Our solar-powered units are a game-changer. They're equipped with the latest surveillance technology.

Perfect for rapid deployment to construction sites, parking lots, or any remote locations in the Inland Empire.

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Technology Partners
CCTV IP camera security system with surveillance monitoring, digital video recording technology for safety installing in home, office workplace, and public building
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Slash Security Costs By One-Third Across The I.E.

California boasts some of the highest guard salaries in America. Our remote video surveillance usually cuts security costs to just one-third of a live, onsite guard.

Instead of paying over $20K monthly for physical security, have one of our unmanned trailers stand watch over your Inland Empire property nightly. Your site stays shielded at a price you can afford.

Surveillance Cameras And Equipment

Cameras - Each trailer is outfitted with four high-resolution cameras that also provide excellent night-color vision.

Loud Speakers - Live audio talk-down is conducted via two 25-watt loudspeakers powerful enough to command the attention of anyone within earshot.

Onboard Power - Power is provided by three onboard solar panels and a large battery bank big enough to keep it running for five days.

Preferred Inland Empire Portable CCTV System Solution

Each portable surveillance unit features our ValleyGuard remote video monitoring platform, enabling us to secure your Inland Empire assets 24/7 using high-end security tech. The system accurately detects trespassers on your property and alerts a live remote agent to take action as needed.

Rest assured, you can leave your Inland Empire site after work not worrying about your invaluable equipment, buildings, or materials onsite. ValleyGuard security trailers provide robust protection for a fraction of the cost of onsite guarding.

Our Mobile Security Trailers Key Features

mobile surveillance units
  • Fully mobile units can rapidly deploy across the I.E.

  • Patrols 24/7, preventing theft, vandalism and encampments

  • Identifies intruders using artificial intelligence

  • Live agent deters trespassers via loudspeaker

  • Dispatches police instantly if criminal activity continues

  • Delivers detailed reports of all security events

Inland Empire: Mobile CCTV Trailer Protection For Large Construction Projects

Large-scale projects like the West Valley Connector in Ontario and the Rancho Cucamonga-Las Vegas High-Speed Rail are underway in the Inland Empire.

These ambitious projects are not just about progress; they're magnets for material theft and vandalism.

Mobile video monitoring trailers offer a proactive solution. They provide vigilant monitoring, deterring theft, and ensuring the safety of these crucial developments.

With their advanced surveillance capabilities, these trailers are essential for protecting significant investments in Montclair, Upland, Ontario, Eastvale, Corona, Riverside, Fontana, and Rialto.

Protecting San Bernardino's Vacant Building, Parking Lots, And Cemeteries

Recent incidents in San Bernardino, like the vandalism at a historic Jewish cemetery and car arson fires, underscore the urgent need for robust security in vacant lots and cemeteries across the Inland Empire.

Our portable cctv trailers offer a vigilant eye against metal theft and other criminal activities, protecting these vulnerable sites.

With advanced surveillance technology, they are an essential tool for deterring and capturing illegal acts, ensuring the safety and preservation of these important properties.

Top of the line, reliable equipment.

5 Star Reviews

"Their sales staff, installers, and customer service are all professional and knowledgeable.  In the time I have had the alarm, it has given my family peace of mind and a sense of security.  The customer service number is always answered by a human being and not a machine.  They are always helpful and courteous when contacted. I have had no false alarms or equipment failures."

Anthony B.
Valley Alarm Customer 

A Closer Look At Virtual Guard Monitoring Benefits

Additional Features of ValleyGuard

The advantages don't end there. Here are some other reasons to consider using ValleyGuard for your afterhours business security. 

  • Police take video-verified threats very seriously. Response times are often faster for these prioritized calls.

  • The service is more affordable than hiring live security guards, and often more reliable.

  • Unlike traditional video monitoring, our proactive service connects to the dispatcher without requiring you to verify the event. This saves precious minutes.

  • The service can be assigned to specific areas of your property, during the hours you determine.

To find out if ValleyGuard is right for your I.E. business, contact Valley Alarm today. We will be happy to tell you more about this valuable virtual guard video monitoring service.

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For over 40 years, Valley Alarm has delivered reliable, cutting-edge electronic security products and services at a superior value. We serve both commercial and residential clients throughout Southern California.

"I would recommend this company above the larger commercial companies to anyone wishing a security system for their home or business.”

Anthony B.

“The service provided by Valley Alarm has been fantastic. The process from original phone call to setup and then support afterword’s has been efficient, easy and effortless on our business. The entire staff at Valley Alarm are courtesy and friendly each and every time I have an issue or need. I would highly recommend Valley Alarm to any business that is seeking any security services. Thanks for the great service.” 

Jimmy W.

"When you call Valley Alarm you get the feeling your talking with someone who knows you and your company. Friendly professional staff handle any questions quick and efficient."

Jim G.

“Valley Alarm has been nothing but on-time for appointments, did clean fast work, and has excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great alarm and security company.”

Lorei M.

Property Crime In The Inland Empire

Property crime rates have been a concern in the Inland Empire area of California. For instance, the chances of becoming a victim of property crime are notable in San Bernardino, a key city in the region. NeighborhoodScout provides detailed statistics on this. Moreover, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, the property crime rate in 2022 was up by 5.9% from 2021. This highlights the need for effective security measures, such as mobile security trailers, to protect properties and deter criminal activities in the Inland Empire. These trailers can be especially useful in areas with higher crime rates, offering a flexible and efficient way to enhance security.

I.E. Cities We Serve

We also serve the communities of Eastvale, Fontana, Montclair, Corona, Riverside, Rialto, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and Norco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacant lots are often targets for illegal activities and dumping. In areas like Ontario, mobile security trailers offer round-the-clock surveillance. They deter trespassing and vandalism, keeping your property safe and secure.

Trucking yards in Chino house valuable assets and are prone to theft. Mobile security trailers provide a cost-effective way to monitor these areas. They offer live monitoring and can quickly alert authorities in case of any suspicious activity.

Business centers in Rancho Cucamonga are bustling hubs that require constant vigilance. Mobile security trailers act as a visible deterrent to potential criminals. They ensure the safety of both property and people in these busy areas.

Retail areas in Upland attract large crowds, making them vulnerable to petty crimes. Mobile security trailers can be strategically placed for maximum area coverage. They provide real-time surveillance, helping to prevent shoplifting and ensuring customer safety.

Education Center

Learn more about these emerging technologies by visiting our new education center online. 

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