Fire Alarm Installation Los Angeles

As one of the leading providers of fire alarm systems in Los Angeles, Valley Alarm helps protect homes and businesses across the city. Our NFPA-certified experts design and install advanced, code-compliant fire alarms tailored to your needs. Request a consultation to equip your property with a reliable, monitored system.

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Fire Alarm Installation Los Angeles

Los Angeles requires advanced fire alarm systems to protect its sprawling urban area. Strict codes and regular maintenance guarantee these life safety systems work properly when lives are at stake. Partner with Valley Alam, a local expert, to install or modernize your building's system.

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NFPA Compliant Fire Alarm System Designs

Safety is not just about equipment; it's about compliance and reliability.

Our fire alarm systems are designed strictly to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

We closely adhere to the local fire code to ensure every system meets the necessary regulations, providing peace of mind that an effective and compliant system protects your property.

  • All of our fire alarm system installation professionals are certified by the NFPA and hold current C-10 licenses.

  • Our fire alarm system installation, testing and maintenance procedures fully comply with California Administrative Code Title 24 (State Building Standards) and the requirements set forth by Glendale City Fire Department Regulation.

  • Every fire alarm monitoring panel is protected by a smoke detector.

  • Every fire alarm system we design and install complies with NFPA 72 by sending a signal to our monitoring center if any sprinkler valve is closed or there are any other issues with the system.

  • A manual pull station is installed with every fire alarm system.

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Call us today to schedule a risk assessment of your current security system and learn how our custom solutions can help you secure & streamline your operations. 

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Los Angeles businesses must install complex, addressable and conventional fire systems that meet the most current fire codes. To avoid disruptions, fines, and risk, equip your workplace with custom-tailored, monitored alarm systems maintained and inspected by licensed professionals.

Residential Fire Alarm Installation

Protect your family and comply with insurance requirements by installing home fire alarm systems interconnected with smoke detectors. California insurance providers increasingly mandate such systems, especially in wildfire zones. We help homeowners select cost-effective systems meeting codes and safety needs.

Fire Alarm System Monitoring Service and Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance by knowledgeable LA-area technicians ensure that your system functions properly in an emergency. 

The National Fire Protection Association creates and maintains fire safety codes and standards. We offer NFPA-72 and NFPA-25 inspections, testing, and reporting to catch issues early. 

Complete Security Solutions for Los Angeles

Valley Alarm provides a complete line of Intrusion Detection, CCTV, Access Control, and Integrated Security Solutions for commercial and residential clients.

Remote Video Monitoring Los Angeles

Experience unparalleled security with Valley Alarm's Live Video Monitoring services. Our advanced real-time surveillance solutions are designed to offer continuous protection, keeping a vigilant eye on your property and responding proactively to any security concerns.

Security Camera Installation Los Angeles

For top-tier CCTV installation services, turn to Valley Alarm. Our expert team delivers state-of-the-art CCTV systems customized to meet the unique surveillance needs of your property, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

Access Control Installation Los Angeles

Valley Alarm specializes in crafting access control systems that precisely manage entry permissions, ensuring access is granted only where and when needed. Our systems provide an effective solution for security and facility managers, blending cost-efficiency with the utmost protection standards.

Mobile Security Trailers Los Angeles

Valley Alarm offers versatile mobile security trailers, ideal for temporary or changing security needs. These trailers provide a flexible and robust security solution equipped with advanced surveillance technology, ensuring continuous protection for various sites and events across Glendale.

The Role of Professional Fire Alarm Technicians

Our experienced technicians hold California state licensure and receive ongoing training on fire codes and the latest equipment. We provide complete, gold-standard service by handling installation, testing, maintenance, and inspections.

Advanced Fire Alarm Technologies and Equipment

Advanced addressable systems help local fire department personnel detect fires quicker and allow remote diagnostics. We offer the latest technologies for improved monitoring, compliance, safety, and efficiency, and we can modernize old systems or install new ones.




For over 40 years, Valley Alarm has delivered reliable, cutting-edge electronic security products and services at a superior value. We serve both commercial and residential clients throughout Southern California.

"I would recommend this company above the larger commercial companies to anyone wishing a security system for their home or business.”

Anthony B.

“The service provided by Valley Alarm has been fantastic. The process from original phone call to setup and then support afterword’s has been efficient, easy and effortless on our business. The entire staff at Valley Alarm are courtesy and friendly each and every time I have an issue or need. I would highly recommend Valley Alarm to any business that is seeking any security services. Thanks for the great service.” 

Jimmy W.

"When you call Valley Alarm you get the feeling your talking with someone who knows you and your company. Friendly professional staff handle any questions quick and efficient."

Jim G.

“Valley Alarm has been nothing but on-time for appointments, did clean fast work, and has excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great alarm and security company.”

Lorei M.

Why Choose Los Angeles-Based Fire Alarm Experts

As a local company that has been working in LA since 1981, we provide custom life safety solutions for single-family homes, commercial buildings, and large complexes. Call us today for fire alarm system expertise tailored to your building.

The Need for Robust Fire Protection in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has experienced a significant increase in fire incidents, with a 45% rise in fires within the city limits as of September 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The Los Angeles Fire Department recorded 8,283 fires, many linked to homelessness and arson.

Specifically, more than half of these fires were associated with homelessness, and deliberate arson accounted for 30% of the total fires. This alarming trend underscores the critical need for robust L.A. fire alarm systems to enhance safety and compliance across residential and commercial properties.

For more details, check out the source of this information at NBC Los Angeles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Valley Alarm offers fire alarm installation throughout Los Angeles. Choosing us is beneficial because our team of experts customizes solutions to meet the specific safety needs of each client, ensuring compliance with stringent fire codes and providing reliable protection for both property and people.

Valley Alarm provides fire alarm installation services for a wide range of properties, including commercial businesses, industrial sites, and residential homes across Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our experienced technicians stay up-to-date with the latest Los Angeles fire codes and regulations, ensuring that every installation not only meets but exceeds the required standards for safety and efficiency.

Yes, in addition to installation, Valley Alarm offers comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services to ensure that fire alarm systems remain in optimal condition and provide reliable protection around the clock.

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