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Every organization needs to protect sensitive information and valuable business assets. A Valley Alarm access control system will provide you with a secure, convenient and affordable solution. 

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Commercial And Residential Access Control Installation

As a top California access control installer, we specialize in integrating automated entry systems to secure multifamily housing, rental properties, shared offices, and more. 

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Benefits of Access Control

Upgrading to automated access control provides enhanced security and streamlined convenience. Restricting entry to only verified residents and authorized staff deters trespassers and unauthorized access. Logging all entries provides accountability if issues arise.

Cloud-based platforms enable full remote administration and activity tracking from mobile devices. Key benefits include:

  • Restrict access to sensitive areas

  • Easily track, record, and deter access throughout your facility

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for security guards

  • IT applications such as secure logon to networks, digital signature, and encryption

  • Audit employee time and attendance

  • Eliminate the need for traditional keys and the expense of re-keying

  • Integrate with Intrusion Alarms and CCTV

  • Create comprehensive real-time reports identifying when and where an individual gained access to a specific area

  • Create comprehensive real-time reports identifying when and where an individual gained access to a specific area

  • Authorized access to office equipment

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Latest Credential And Reader Technology

We utilize the latest RFID credentials, Bluetooth mobile readers, QR codes, and biometrics, including fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition.

Mini RFID key fobs or cards unlock doors when scanned. Mobile credentials sent to smartphones allow residents to tap for entry. QR codes are generated for scheduled guests and vendors.

Biometrics scans fingerprints, voices, faces, irises, and more for multifactor authentication. We tailor credential types and access points to your property’s preferences.

Fully Customized Access Control Installation

Our extensive experience allows us to provide completely customized access control recommendations that best suit your property.

We conduct on-site evaluations examining traffic flows, entry/exit points vulnerable to breaches, existing infrastructure, staff capacities, and resident populations. 

Centralized IP-based systems are best for large multi-building complexes, while smaller properties may need basic door access modules with cloud management. After identifying unique challenges, we consult on appropriate security grades, system scalability, and budget.

Local Experience And Support For Glendale

With over 15 years of securing California properties, our expertise spans new system installation to upgrading legacy equipment.

We handle initial setup, provide staff and resident training, and custom video tutorials for onboarding users.

Ongoing support through remote tune-ups and maintenance plans ensures your access control system remains problem-free for years of convenient, reliable service.

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