The turkey’s ready to go into the oven, potatoes are mashed and ready in their dish, and the pumpkin pies are finally poured and waiting to bake. Before you crank up the heat in the kitchen, though, be sure to test your Thanksgiving safety knowledge with our quiz!

POP QUIZ: Thanksgiving Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA,) more home cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving than any other day. Approximately how many home cooking fires did US fire departments respond to on Thanksgiving Day in 2016 alone?

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Kids can be a great part of Thanksgiving and are often helpers in the kitchen. What should you do to keep your helpers safe when in and around your kitchen?

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What's the safest way to heat cooking oils?

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The NFPA found that the factors below were some of the most common causes of home cooking fires from 2012-2016. Which was the number one cause of fires?

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One of the best ways to make sure that you're prepared for Thanksgiving is to test your smoke detectors. Have you tested your smoke detectors this month?

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Thanksgiving Safety Quiz
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Congratulations, you're ready for Thanksgiving! Have a safe and happy holiday.
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Your Thanksgiving safety knowledge needs a tune-up, but that's what this quiz is for! Feel free to take it as many times as you need to (we won't judge!) Have a happy and safe holiday.

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Are you all fired up for Thanksgiving? Want to learn more about testing your monitored smoke detectors or alarm? Here’s a quick guide to testing your alarm system. We at Valley Alarm hope that you have a happy and safe holiday!

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